Danaë Eustace MBA
CEO, Lead Design Consultant

In 2008 after spending 10 years in the corporate environment Danaë took a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. Hailing from a family of graphic designers, fine artists and award winning carnival costume designers, Danaë with her sister Renelle opened up a new generation tradition of interior designers and decorators.

But decorating and designing was not where she first started. She uncovered the dormant passion whilst helping her newly found Professional Organization clients work through their piles of clutter.  Simply organizing clients’ spaces with functional storage was not enough; Danaë realized that she could put a twist of flair with simple touches of design and decorating to garnish her work to wow the client.  Quite naturally her reputation of a being a talented designer/decorator spread and she inevitably stepped up to the challenge and made it official when she became internationally certified as an Interior Designer / Interior Architect.

Get Organized tt Design Studios was the product of the combined forces of two highly talented sisters, that wowed clients with their inspirations and transformations of living and work spaces.  Every project features a fresh approach to classic design and timeless styles by combining the old with the new, vintage with contemporary for that touch of modern.

The team has since been featured in the Woman Magazine of the local Express newspaper in May 2009.  Along with articles in a local newsletter called PAYDAY, monthly email TIPS and contributions to Caribbean Parenting magazine, TTARP magazine and TNT Times.com.  Danaë always keeps her audience tuned in to ways of rediscovering and loving their spaces.
Renelle Eustace
Design consultant  / Colour Specialist

Renelle makes up the other half of this two sister powerhouse team at Get Organized TT Design Studios.  Renelle is the natural born organizer, and with a keen eye for beautifying a place, it was only natural that the two join forces.
A qualified fine artist, graphic designer and interior decorator - Design and the arts embody Renelle’s life. With a sound education and almost 15 years experience in graphic arts part of which included her success at an internationally accredited Ad Agency, it was only natural that she followed in the Eustace’s legacy of design and in her father’s footsteps of owning her very own graphic design business.  Her knowledge and passion for colour is not only seen by her creative art and work she produces but also by the numerous requests of friends and family that come her way to makeover their space. 
Now officially a member of Get Organized TT Design Studios the two sisters are un-stoppable and deliver to their clients the transformation and impact they could only dream of.


Other members / affiliates of Get Organized TT makeover Team

The overall team consists of two lead design experts as well as small crew of assistants to help implement décor plans.

Get Organized TT can also assist you to outsource an array of contractors, suppliers, architects, movers, recycling agencies, charities and specialty stores who help to execute our plans for clients when needed

Nicholas Dean
Financial Coach and Mentor

It is believed that disorganization in one area of our lives usually reveals itself in other areas like our diet, our homes and our finances.

Having realized that many persons are disorganized financially, Get Organized TT is proud to partner with Nicholas Dean - Financial coach and mentor of the Financial Coaching Center Ltd to provide advice and education to persons wishing to get their finances in order.

After a 15 year career in banking and insurance, Nicholas established an independent financial coaching and training company in January 2004, free from product commissions and company biases.

A qualified financial advisor he received formal training via the Certified Financial Planning Programme (CFP), the Insurance and Financial Advisors Training Course (IFATC) and the Certificate for Financial Advisors (CertFa).

Over the past few years Nick has offered his advice and insights on the issues of debt, savings, investing and retirement on local television shows, radio programs , written numerous articles for the local publications such as the Newsday, the Express Newspapers, the Trinidad Guardian, the Catholic News and magazines such as Caribbean Parenting Now and his very own Pay Day  newsletter.  His work in spreading the financial gospel has led him to work very closely with the Government of Trinidad & Tobago in the development and facilitation of a public financial outreach programmes.

To learn more about how Nick can organize you visit www.financialcoachingcentre.com